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Children's Kids Wood Bookcase (Pickup Only Tarneit) Engraved

Children's Kids Wood Bookcase (Pickup Only Tarneit) Engraved

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Are you looking to spark your child's imagination and foster a love for reading? Look no further than our beautifully crafted children's montessori bookshelf or bookcase! With five spacious shelves. Children can have their own book library in their room, playroom or reading corner. The bookshelf or bookcase storage is the ideal place for your children's books. 

Each bookcase measures approximately 80cm high, 80cm wide, and 40cm deep, there's ample room to store all your little one's favourite books and more. Children can have their own book library in their rooms or play rooms.

Please note: These shelves are made to order and there can be about a 2 week turnaround. They do not require any assembly and are made from 15mm AA Pine Ply. 


  1. Premium Craftsmanship: Our bookshelves are expertly crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and longevity. Each shelf is designed to complement any child's bedroom or playroom décor.

  2. Engraved Personalization: Make each bookshelf uniquely your child's own by opting for engraved personalization. Add their name, a favourite quote, or a whimsical design to inspire them every time they reach for a book.

  3. Encourage a Love for Reading: Creating a dedicated space for books helps instil a lifelong love for reading. Our bookshelves provide easy access to your child's favourite stories, encouraging independent reading and imaginative play.

  4. Versatile Design: Whether you're furnishing a nursery, a toddler's room, or a cosy reading nook, our children's bookshelves are the perfect addition. Edges are rounded for a more elegant look.

Why Choose Our Bookshelves?

  • Educational: Encourage literacy and cognitive development through daily reading sessions.
  • Durable: Built to withstand years of use, our bookshelves are a long-lasting investment in your child's education and enjoyment.
  • Customizable: Personalize each shelf to reflect your child's unique personality and interests.
  • Functional: Keep your child's books organized and easily accessible, promoting tidiness and independence.

Transform your child's room into a literary wonderland with our engraved children's bookshelves! Order yours today and embark on a magical journey through the pages of imagination.

Material colour: Raw

Please Note: Books not included

Disclaimer: Please make sure all shelving is secured to walls to prevent injury to children. 

We can also personalise your need please message us if you require something different.

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