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Shopping Trolley Token

Shopping Trolley Token

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Shopping Trolley Token.

$2 each or 8 for $10.

They are handmade on our laser machine.

No more searching for coins that you don’t have. Use this token in place of a $2 coin to unlock a shopping trolley. Insert the token into the $2 hole in a standard shopping trolley. Unlock the trolley, slide the token left or right and remove.

Colours vary depending on what is available please see attached pics. 

Please select the number of the colour you require from the attached picture when ordering.

We will send out random colours unless you choose the colours you want. We will endeavour to send the colours you want or the closest to it. 

Place on your keys or in your purse or wherever you want to keep it. Fits most trollies. Great gift idea for family or friends. 

Size: 5cm Long

PLEASE NOTE: Trolley tokens will not be refunded or replace if they snap from improper use. Not to be left in the trolley. They are meant to unlock the trolley and be removed.

Be responsible if u buy this product make sure u take your trolley back to the trolley bay. 

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